About Us



Fishman Australia is the latest in a series of e-commerce websites. It is owned and run by Dynamic Music Australia Pty Ltd, the sole authorised importer and distributor of Fishman and Asterope in Australia. Dynamic Music was established in 1966 and is a leading Australian distributor of Musical Instruments, digital electronics and recording equipment.

Fishman Australia may look like an ordinary retail website but it is very different to a normal online business.

Dynamic Music utilises the services of a fabulous group of general music and guitar stores around Australia who carry and service a representative range of Fishman products. Because the Fishman range is so large, it is impractical for retail outlets to carry anything like the breadth required to satisfy the eclectic tastes of Australian musicians.

We try to ensure that there is Fishman dealer close to you and to work cooperatively with them to ensure that you receive optimal levels of service. Feel free to visit the store to ask questions. You may also choose to pick up your purchase from that store or in the unlikely event of a warranty problem, take the Fishman products back to the store for repair or replacement.*

Because the bulk of Fishman's Australian inventory is centrally located and despatched, costs are greatly reduced and we are able to offer Fishman to you at some of the most competitive prices in the world.

Because we are the sole authorised distributor, you can also be sure that we are here to stand behind the products that we sell, as we have done for more than 45 years. Please bear in mind that Fishman products, purchased from outside Australia or from other than authorised Fishman outlets carry no Australian warranty.

We are very proud to offer Fishman to you at sensational prices and proud to be associated with Fishman and our expert dealer network. We all work together to help you share your music with the world.

*If there is no dealer for the Fishman product that you purchase in within your geographic region, Fishman Australia operates as a standard B2C website with all service and warranty issues handled directly by Dynamic Music Australia Pty Ltd.